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Where it all began...

K-Equip Ltd is short for Kenneison Family Disability Equipment and is run by James and Renae Kenneison.


Our mission is to provide a transparent, direct, open service to people with disabilities, their families, carers and clinicians. Our focus is to supply, fabricate or modify disability equipment to the exact needs of the individual. We provide a client-centred service, conforming to a level of accountability and service unmatched by any other provider in this space. 


We are disability Bike Fitters who are among the best in the world. Our bike fitting techniques have been adapted to suit the needs of our clients as standard bike fitting is often irrelevant and inaccurate for people with physical

disabilities. We are leading experts at fitting adjustments for correcting alignment and movement of joints and limbs and this is why we are the most preferred fitters by allied health professionals.


We are perfectionists in our fittings and ensure that every client is positioned and moving correctly. The majority of our range consists of purpose-designed disability products that are designed and manufactured by leading international bicycle companies.


We do not attempt to modify standard bicycles into a disability product and instead supply well designed, highly versatile and high quality disability products available on the international market. We custom configure every tricycle or bicycle to suit the exact needs of every client.


Our Goals & Values

We will listen to our clients and their story.

Clients will be treated with respect and dignity, with the right to make their own choices. 

Every client will be treated as an individual with individual needs

We will communicate openly and honestly with clients, and with care and patience

We will acknowledge every request as being vitality important to the client at the time.

We will advocate that close enough does not have to be good enough.

We will educate that cycling is for everyone and a real option for people with disabilities.

Every request will be considered within physical possibility and practical resources so that we keep all of the promises we make.

We will charge fair and reasonable prices, reduce costs wherever possible.

We will ensure all donated funds are contributed towards their intended purpose and will not overstate our costs. 

We will be honest, transparent and operate our charity with integrity.

Goals & Values

Statuses & Endorsements

K-Equip Ltd has the following statuses and endorsements:

  • Registered Australian Charity

  • Public Benevolent Institute

  • Deductible Gift Recipient

Statuses & Endorsements
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