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Expert services providing special-needs bikes and bike riding lessons.

Cycling is for everyone.
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We are expert Disability Bike Fitters. We fit, assess, recommend and supply special-needs bikes and trikes, for people with all types and levels of disability. We have a bike for everyone, from children needing a little help learning to ride, to nonambulant people with very high support needs. 


Our fitting and assessment services are free. The supply price for all bikes and trikes includes all associated labour. The price of our bikes ranges from $270 to $2900 depending on the client's requirements. Grants and charitable funding are available to all clients. 




  • Specialised bike fittings

  • Riding skills assessments

  • Riding skills training

  • I Can Ride (bike riding lessons to ride a standard bike)

  • Fitting, assessment and recommendations report

  • Funding advice


Who Can Use Our Services


All people who have a disability, disorder or condition, that is diagnosed, suspected or who are receiving allied health treatment/therapy, are eligible to access our services. We do not sell bikes or offer services to the general public. If you are unsure whether you qualify please contact us. 


Disability Bike Fitting


A bike fitting is a consultation held at our office using our trial bikes. The purpose of the consultation is to determine the most suitable bike or trike for the client. Every bike we supply is custom configured to exactly meet the unique needs of the client.


There is no limit on the number of fittings each client can have. Everyone has an initial fitting and final fitting, sometimes an additional fitting is required. You do not need a referral for a bike fitting but it is essential that you make an appointment. We welcome and encourage treating therapists to attend fittings. Families often ask about what happens at a special-needs bike fitting, see the "what to expect" section at the bottom of the page. 


Our Range of Bikes and Trikes


Our range includes both dedicated special-needs bikes and trikes, and modified bikes. In our trial range we have available over 25 frames and more than 50 optional supports and components. Amoung our special-needs range we have various styles of frames, braking and speed control options, attendant steered and controlled trikes, positioning and support options for arms, legs, trunk and head.  


Our trikes and supports are disability specific products designed by major bicycle manufacturers and we select the best items based on quality, fitness for purpose, versatility, adjustability and international standards compliance. We mix and match items from different manufacturers to create the best customised solution for each client. Our sponsor PGS Industries assists us to fabricate some essential parts locally. 


We also modify standard bikes. For example, fitting of adult training wheels for older children and adults, foot supports or modified gearing. Many children referred for a modified bike are assessed by us as capable of riding a standard bike. In this case they are invited to attend riding lessons instead of purchasing a modified bike. 




We have a small range of handcycles for daily-mobility, exercise or cruising, and can provide you with information or refer you to an expert if you are looking for an althetic or competitive handcycle. 


I Can Ride (Bike Riding Lessons)


I Can Ride is the only known program in the world that uses specially designed training exercises and training bikes to teach children with disabilities to ride a standard bike. The purpose of the program is avoid the need for a modified bike and learn to ride a normal bike. Many of the children referred to us by their physiotherapist for a modified bike end up riding a normal bike. Each child uses 4 different training bikes of different configurations to learn to ride as they progress through our exercises. The program does not teach children to ride without training wheels, it is for children who are unable to learn to peddle properly or struggling with steering and braking. Advice can be given about learning to ride without training wheels, please call us to discuss your child as there are many methods and every child is different. 


Lessons are one-on-one and run for 30 to 90 minutes depending on the child. Children aged 3-4 will require up to 5 lessons. Children aged 5-7 require one or two lessons. So far all children over 8 have learnt to ride in one lesson. 


Cost $40 per lesson. Please contact us to book. 


Riding Skills Assessment & Training Exercises


The skills assessment used in our bike fittings checks the client's ability to demonstrate the basic skills required for safe riding. We observe and test a number of skills in each of the following categories: balance, peddling, steering, navigating, stopping, speed control, bike control, judgement and reaction time. We may offer to do some skills training exercises during the fitting if time allows or recommend you do some exercises at home. This assessment does not mean a child, adolescent or impaired adult is safe to ride without supervision, they should still be supervised at all times while riding, the assessment does not include road safety. 


Assessment and Recommendation Report


A fitting report can be provided to the client's surgeon, specialist, primary therapist or other medical practitioner which explains our assessment findings and reasoning for the configuration and features recommended. The report usually references an accompanying video. Fitting reports are provided on request and are usually only needed when the bike/trike will be part of a rehabilitation program or for clients with very complex medical needs and multiple factors to consider. A fee of $100 applies for written reports. This does not apply to simply contacting your therapist to explain fitting and recommendations when they could not attend which is not a formal written report. 


Funding Advice


The majority of our clients requiring a special needs trike have the trike funded by a grant or other funding body. We are in constant communication with funding bodies and aware of all alternative funding sources that may be available to you. We are lucky to have many options for funding in Perth and we will recommend which one to apply to based on your financial situation, client's age and type of disability. The process is usually quite simple and requires completing a form or writing a letter which we will help you with. If you live in an NDIS/Myway area you first need to have attempted to have the bike/trike included in your plan as if you apply for alternative funding you will need to explain why your plan is not paying for it. If your therapist referred you to us they may already have a funding source in mind and will usually assist you with this. 


Bike Fittings


Clients need closed in shoes, preferrably sneakers or runners. 


Please also bring any of the following that apply:

  • AFOs

  • Prescription shoes

  • Neck support


We are often asked what happens in a bike fitting, here is what you can expect:


  • We get to know the client, discuss medical concerns and conditions particularly in areas of the body most relevant for bike riding and learn about any past experiences with bike riding.

  • Often we can obtain everything we need to know from your answers and observation of the client, we may also ask to take measurements or conduct checks on things like movement or ability.

  • We use this information to determine the required riding position, supports and other components.  

  • A trial bike or trike is then custom configured and assessmbled on the spot.

  • The client is fitted on the bike/trike and takes it for a test ride.   

  • The test ride is essential because this is when we do the most important checks on position, alignment and movement while the client is moving. We might stop to readjust things a couple of times and trial again. 

  • We will take a video and photo during the test ride (with consent). This is needed for our purposes when building the bike or trike you will take home. You can choose to allow us to use your video and photo on our website and/or Facebook page. 

  • There are always multiple components and configurations to choose from which depend on how and where you plan to use the bike/trike. We will explain all available options and help you decide.  

  • If the client will be riding independently, we also conduct a riding skills assessment. We might recommend some exercises to improve the client's safe riding skills at home.

  • If we believe the client can learn to ride a standard bike and will not need a modified bike, we will discuss the option of attending our riding lessons.  

  • A rough indication of cost will be given at the fitting so we can discuss options for funding and provide advice. An exact quote is prepared and sent after the fitting. 

  • If you have a regular therapist please give them the opportunity to attend the fitting as we encourage all OTs, Physios and key therapists to attend.  If your therapist is not able to attend, we will contact them to provide fitting notes and explain our recommendations.