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You can help someone get their customised bike or trike today. 



10 great reasons why you should sponsor a bike or trike for one of our kids:


  • You can feel good knowing that you just made someone really happy

  • You will be contributing to the health and wellbeing of a child with special needs

  • You will be helping us break down the barriers of disability and spread the word that cycling is possible for everyone

  • Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt

  • You will receive a thank you letter including a photo of your sponsor child and information about them 

  • You will receive a framed Certificate of Appreciation

  • You will be invited to come along when your sponsor child gets their bike to meet them and watch them ride it for the first time

  • You will be invited to our end of year Christmas party to meet all of our clients and their families

  • You will receive a copy of our 6 monthly newsletter with stories about some of the clients we have helped

  • This is a one off committment with no ongoing costs and we wont continue to bother you to sponsor again, unless you want to


Sponsorship Needed $310

Jonathon was off and riding in no time. Some kids just can't get the hang of a regular bike and need a few modifications to make it easier for them to pedal, Jonathon was one of those kids. He's too adorable and was having so fun, call or email us to sponsor him!

We are currently seeking a sponsor for...


Sponsorship Needed $1,610

Olivia is a bright and happy 8 year old girl with Downsyndrome. Olivia really wants to ride like other kids so this bike is perfect for her because it's very stable so she can feel safe, it's easy for her to get on and off, the handlebars are easy for her to hold and the pedals make her feet go around so she can eventually learn to ride independently. Her mum can push her along with the parent handle which also steers the bike and brakes. Many kids with Downsyndrome struggle to find exercise activities that they can participate in and enjoy because they lack the required skills and coordination. This bike eliminates all of those issues and the confidence boost Olivia will get from the achievement of riding will help her in every area of her life. 

How to Sponsor

Simply contact us to organise payment and provide your contact details so we can send you everything that's promised above. Often the families of our clients are already trying to fundraise to pay for the bike, so if you can only contribute to part of the cost, that's ok and we will help them raise the rest. You might also be able to talk a friend into donating with you and you will both receive all of the benefits listed above. Remember that every donation helps and your money always goes to the child you choose, we do not take any fees out of your donation. 


Call: 08 9467 2624

Or email: renae@k-equip.com.au